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I met a couple of ladies from the Just Wanna Quilt, Quilting Army while I was in Paducah.  These girls were FUN and HAPPY.  Since then I’ve joined their facebook group and started listening to their podcasts.

Their podcasts are informative, funny, inspiring and any combination of good things you can think of.  Some of them will make you laugh, others will make you start thinking about things in new ways.  Questions are asked and stories are shared.

I’ve taken to listening to these as I drive alone or with my husband and try to listen when I   am spending some nice alone time.  These people need to be on your radar, I believe they are going to grow and be influential in our quilting community.  They are looking at copy write issues, and quilting in general.

So friend them on Facebook and listen to their pod-casts.  Oh yeah, you might just hear me interviewed too!

Gail Berry
A quilter who loves to share my passion for quilting with anyone who asks.
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