– About Gail –

Never one to back down from a challenge it took me 20 years to finish my first quilt.  I took a day long quilting class back in the 80’s.  Left the class, frustrated, broke, with an unfinished quilt top and no real support to finish it.  I didn’t even know what a quilt really was, I thought anything used as a bed covering was a quilt.  I packed it away and moved it from  town to town and house to house. I continued the quest to find the hobby for me.  There wasn’t one big moment that led to quilting but rather a series of paths that all ended up in one place. I decided to learn to quilt, I wanted a hobby that was not just something to do but could be useful  and more importantly I just knew it would be filled with amazing women and men that I would come to know and love. Out came the old quilt top and just as quickly it went back into the box.  I bought a kitted wall hanging, finished it, joined a guild and haven’t looked back.  Then I found a love for long arming and machine embroidery. Now I love sharing my passion for quilting with others, designing classes that offer education and support and consider it an honour when someone asks me to ‘quilt’ their quilt for them.

Totally Random things about me:

Flamingos–LOVE THEM!.  Collect all sorts of flamingo ‘stuff’
Favourite food–pretty much anything pasta
Music–love current Country Music-would consider leaving my husband for Keith Urban (not really)
Church–an important part of my life
Politics–UGH lets be happy and NOT talk about that
Married–Happy 99% of the time–he’s recently retired and LOVING IT!
Spicy Food–NOT a fan–more importantly it doesn’t like me
Grandchildren–3–all boys a single and a set of twins–we call them Twingles!
Children-3–though technically I a member of EWSS (Evil Wicked StepMothers Society) but they are mine in every way that matters.

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