I’m SEW over it ….

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If I told you that the coronavirus didn’t even make my list of top ten yucky things in the past twelve months I would be telling the absolute truth. For me, it was more like the topping on an already lousy year.
I won’t bore you with all of the details–suffice it to say–I’m Over it!
So–tomorrow–July 1st, 2020, on Canada Day–I am declaring a new year. December 31st is overrated anyway–really it just marked the end of a really busy holiday season. I used to think that the Tuesday after Labour Day was the new year as school returned to my life.

So–Canada Day, July 1st 2020 it my time to gain control back.
I am so committed to this I’m even starting a new bullet journal.

Three-dimensional map of Canada. 3d

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