It’s the Little things that count

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I have a love hate relationship with New Years–I LOVE starting a brand new year, a brand new calendar–it is filled with hope and possibilities. Ending the old year is filled with it’s own set of mixed emotions. You want bad years to just end. You want great years to keep going. Then there always seems to be that list of things you didn’t get done, that didn’t get accomplished.

This year, I’m keeping it simple. No more–just for me resolutions. Losing 10 pounds isn’t going to make a positive impact on anyone other than me. Finishing all my UFO’s–well that’s mostly for me to, eating better–for me, being more careful with my money–for me. So this year I’m keeping it simple and outward focused.

1. Each time I go for a walk I’m going to pick up at least one piece of trash–that is going to result in about 360 less pieces of trash out there in the world as I go for a walk almost every day.

2.  I am going to go out of my way to compliment the store clerk EVERY TIME I check out. A simple-you have a nice smile, or thank you for your great service might just make someones day.

3.  I’m going to volunteer to wash dishes at a church event–I hate washing dishes but want to give the people that do it all the time a break and a thank you.

Three little things that I hope will leave the world and some else’s day just a little bit better.

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