– Longarm Services –

Currently we offer computer generated edge to edge, border to border and border quilting. We will do it for you OR you can DO IT YOURSELF and come in and rent our machine.  Our turnaround time is very quick, and all work is completed is a smoke-free and pet-free environment. We have many patterns and threads to choose from, and your input is always welcomed and encouraged.

We offer a 10% discount for any quilt that is being donated to charity!

Preparing Yourself for Your Longarmer

If you know what type of pattern you want on your quilt let your longarmer know.  Don’t be afraid to tell them what you want, it is your quilt after all.

Don’t be afraid of colour–not all quilting thread needs to be off white.  Your Longarmer likely has a great supply of thread, look it over, if they don’t have what you want you can bet they have a great thread dealer.

Do you have a timeline?  Let them know, if you say ‘no rush’ that could mean weeks of waiting.

Don’t know what you want?  Ask your longarmer for suggestions.  They should be asking you questions at this point?  Is it for someone in particular?  How old?  Boy/Girl?  What will it be used for?  A bed, wall hanging etc.  The quilt pattern should compliment the quilt as well as the use and person.

Preparing Your Quilt for Your Longarmer

-PRESS, PRESS and PRESS again! Not all longarmers will press your quilt top
before they load it, don’t forget to press the back too (by the way, we will give your quilt top and back an extra press before it gets loaded on the frame).

-Cut your backing generously— at least four inches on each side–a total of 8 inches longer and 8 inches wider than your top–your long-armer will thank you, it makes it much easier centre your quilt and load it onto the frame properly with enough leeway for ‘shrinking’ up while it’s being quilted

-Leave the cat hair and loose threads at home. Go over your quilt with a lint roller brush to remove any loose threads and pet hair.

-It’s actually hip to Be SQUARE. Squaring up your top and backing prior to dropping off your quilts is necessary if you want a square quilt back.

-Sew along the edges if you cut your fabric on the bias. A good zig zag or cover stitch along the edges of your quilt will keep it from stretching when it’s on the frame.

-Know the size of your quilt when you drop it off.

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