Quit ‘saving’ that fabric for something special.

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Live your life today. Stop waiting for tomorrow, for the perfect time, the perfect weather, a clean house, after the kids are gone, after the holidays, in the new year, after your birthday, after you hear back from the dr.

STOP MAKING EXCUSES–just start living. It’s that simple and for a quilter part of that living in the moment, living for today, for the here and now is to use our stash.

Every one of us has a favourite fabric–we just had to buy it. If we are being honest we likely have a few different favourite pieces. Every single time I travel I hear at least one story about someone who passed away, their family and friends are left dealing with their stash–some of it really old and out of date and some of it beautiful. And for the most part ‘worthless’ to the estate and her family.

I find it incredibly sad that someone bought something they loved and never used it. Never got that chance to make the first cut, see it come together and then perhaps be able to gift it or better yet use it in their final days.

So right now–go to your sewing room, find that favourite and use it. And tonight–just for fun use that china you only use on special occasions and drink your water out of your crystal glasses.

Go ahead–I double dog dare you.

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  • Sandra

    Convicting me to make a quilt out of all my laurel burch fabric!!

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