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We took a few days off from all things Quilting and visited Vermont.  It was the first time we had been there together and my first visit in over 27 years.  It is known as the Green Mountain State and they are is beautiful.  

We stayed in Killington right at the base of the Mountain.  The views were great, our room was spacious and the resort had a ton to do.

Covered Bridge #1

Covered Bridge #2

A couple of side trips were in order.  During that trip we found, covered bridges, a diner (yes I had a cheeseburger) a beautiful gorge and a town we wanted to go back and visit.  

I see quilting inspiration here don’t you?

We visited the quaint little town of Woodstock and strolled the streets and shops.

As much fun as all that was a real highlight for me was taking a Segway Tour!  It’s been on my list for a long time.  After initial training we ended up go pretty far up the mountain, but what goes up must come down and the ride down was not only spectacular in it’s views but challenged our skills.  I will confess–I took a tumble but all is right with the world.  I got right back up and kept going.

This was fun–I want one of these to ride to the grocery store with a backpack to bring home my groceries.

I have loved my time here but alas one must work for a living so as I write some software lesson plans this is my view.  We head out first thing in the morning and are already talking about coming back.

The view from my ‘office’ away from home.

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  • Bev

    My all time favourite state. I love it in the fall the most.

    • Gail Berry

      I agree–we would love to come back in the fall.

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