Sometimes it is all about the quilting!

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Sometimes when you make a quilt it is all about the quilt and it is the job of the quilter to enhance the piecing. Sometimes though is is the job of the quilter to ensure that it is the quilting that is the star.
This quilt is about both.
It is made in the fashion of A Hudson Bay Company Blanket–famous for it’s red, blue, yellow and green stripe on the white woollen blanket. These blankets are expensive, itchy and recognizable around the world.
The owner of this quilt choose this pattern as she felt it really represented Canada’s wildlife. As her longarmer I suggested a white thread–it would show nicely in the coloured stripes but have a more subtle effect in the white area.
NO WAY! I want RED thread. So Red it was. It looks great and she is happy.

Technical notes: Quilted on an HQ AMARA with Pro-Stitcher and digital pattern purchased separately.

Gail Berry
A quilter who loves to share my passion for quilting with anyone who asks.
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