Spring is in the air….

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Spring means different things for different people.

It is often the start of young love…

Gardeners delight in the early bulbs and the promise of warm soil

Cyclists get outside on the road

Children rejoice in the shedding of the snow pants and the donning of light jackets

Spring holds many promises but for us, for QUILTERS, spring means show season is back in full bloom.

Guilds having been planning their show for the past couple of years and just spent the last winter working busily to ensure their guild show is a success. And, it WILL be. Anytime a quilter is brave enough to hang their quilt is a success.

Here in Ontario the Spring Creative Festival is taking place. This is a great time to get out of the house, immerse yourself in all things quilting and crafty. Test drive machines, check out new product etc.

Spring also means classes and special events are happening. We don’t worry about weather cancellations so full on learning and merrymaking is in full swing.

So this spring, get out to those guild shows, take a class, support your local quilt shops and just rejoice in the beauty and warmth of the weather, the people and the quilts.

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