The Annual Fall Cold..just won’t go away

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Yep–That’s me–I have a cold and am wrapped in a quilt.  

It’s been a busy, busy fall and I’m not quite through it yet–I almost always catch a cold after I work the Creative Festival.  I think just the time of year and all those people adjusting from summer to fall to winter in the course of 24 hours sometimes.  Of course it’s also like old home week for me so there are lots and lots of hugs.

But wait–wasn’t Creative Festival a whole month ago?  Well, yes as a matter of fact it was.  I just can’t shake this cold this time.  If I haven’t been working I’ve basically stayed home, I’ve kept up my walking but haven’t really done any extra curricular activities–in fact I even missed my Quilt Guild meeting as I didn’t want to pass it on to someone else.

I have one more gig on the road but I don’t have to leave home for six more days–so I’m hoping I will be fit as a fiddle by then.

I have lots to share about my time on the road this fall but that’s all going to wait for another day.

If you are preparing for Thanksgiving in the USA or deciding to celebrate Friends-giving here at home (in Canada) I wish you a wonderful time filled with laughter, friends, food and safety on the roads.

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