The Things you do for love…

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Here are some things you may or may not know about me–these have nothing to do with quilting…

  1.  I don’t swim–yep I grew up in a small town with Water in it’s name, I don’t swim,  as a matter of fact I don’t even like getting water in my face
  2. I love my Grandchildren with all my heart…I would give up my life for them.

Those two facts and a recent two day trip proves–without a shadow of a doubt that LOVE triumphs over all.

Here’s a little background.  Our family is blessed, our grandchildren are blessed, the need absolutely nothing.  Though in reality they might argue with you on that one, as children they believe they need more things.  They live in a two parent family with only one TV, no pool, no ATV’s, no snowmobiles and much to their chagrin, no video gaming system.   BUT– They are loved, warm in the winter, they have snow-pants and warm boots and never go hungry.  They have toys and books.  So many in fact that they often have to be sternly told to put them away before bed.

So..WE–as the grandparents, decided to give our three grandchildren an experience rather than gifts for Christmas’s and birthdays.  They decided on a combined gift this year and asked for a night at one of those indoor themed water parks.  Since I don’t want to trash talk the actual park named after a woodland animal–we will call this waterpark “Awesome Husky Lodge”….it is large, expensive and noisy–and all three boys had a blast.

I went on water slides–the kiddy slides were big enough for me–but they had more in mind.  I went on slide that I call the slide of doom–it was fast, parts of it were dark–or yeah–fact number 3

These slides are more than big enough for me..

3.  I’m don’t like the dark–never have, slept with a light on in my room until I was in grade three–still have a night light in the bathroom

so..on with the Slide of Doom–fast, dark, wet–water got everywhere, even in your face and when I went down it with the first grandchild–who is fearless–I made a point of laughing so he had no clue I was afraid.  Relief at the bottom was instant until the next grandchild said–my turn to go down with GiGi–so not only did I go down once, I went down a second time…that time we got caught in some kind of weird vortex and went around that weird curve part three times before we plunged back to speed tunnel that landed us into the pool of relief at the end.

You can see the spiral vortex of doom …around and around and around before you plunge …..

BUT also in this picture you can see the lazy river, we spent a lot of time here–in teams, as individuals, we had races and pretended we were pirates and all sorts of other fun things.  For me this time was one of the most fun times–we used lots of imagination and had lots of laughs.

While we were there we had picnic meals in our room–we brought a lot of our own food, the boys all went bowling , coloured a pillow case, got magic wands and went on a quest and  of course, we practiced our howls.

This Christmas–there won’t be near as many physical things under the tree but there are going to be memories that last forever.  And maybe, just maybe I am not quite so fearful of getting my face wet…

I’m home now for the next couple of months.  A real treat I have seven brand new classes to write notes for and make samples for–that doesn’t sound like a lot-but trust me that is a TON of work.  they need to be all in the bag by April 1st so I already feel like I’m a month behind.  But I love what I do and we have already proved that love triumphs over all.




Our family is very blessed–our grandchildren want for nothing–they have everything they need plus lots of stuff they don’t need.  I am sure if you ask them they are lacking things.  Their house only has one TV, they have no pool, no ATV’s or Snowmobiles and no video gaming system.    But they are warm and fed loved, they have toys and snowpants for school and never go hungry.



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