– Trunk Show & Classes –

Trunk Shows

  • All trunk shows will be presented in a fun and friendly manor, questions will be allowed, projects shown will include some UFO items, some of my best work and some of my worst work–I can laugh at my own mistakes and encourage you to laugh at my mistakes too!

Lecture Style

Similar to a trunk show but without as much of the ‘show’ part–suitable for luncheons, banquets, quilt retreats. mixed  groups etc.


  • My quilting journey-from not sewing at all to teaching quilting across North America–from failing home economics, to making my first quilt in a day that took over 20 years to embracing the art and camaraderie of quilting
  • A few of my favourite things–some of my favourite quilting tools that didn’t necessarily come from my local quilt shop
  • Stash–it sure doesn’t mean what it did growing up in the 70’s–how to use, organize and de-clutter your stash.
  • Only your longarmer knows for sure– your longarmer can often tell a lot about you just by your pieced tops–find out what secrets we know about you, how to best prepare your quilt top for a longarmer, how to choose and work with a long arm quilter.

Classes and Workshops

  • Free Motion Quilting on your DOMESTIC machine.  Learn the very basics of achieving a great stitch.  We start with the gritty business of tension, needles and thread once you master that you can do ANYTHING.  This is a great foundation that everyone needs in order to go on a achieve those ‘pretty’ designs.
  • THREADOLOGY–can be a lecture or a hands on all about thread.  During the lecture we discuss different weights and types of threads, how to use them, when to use them etc.  In a hands on class this information is included with an opportunity to try those threads in your own domestic machine.  I supply the threads for trial and can provide an opportunity for you to order threads you like at a discounted price.
  • Art & Stitch Boot Camp-Break out that Art & Stitch software–two days of introductory classes.  Designed for those people who haven’t used their software or are too intimidated to attend a regular class with people ‘who know what they’re doing”. We will walk through the basics and you will go home with the skills you need to build on and become a master of this software.  You will be designing your own digitized patterns before you know it.
  • Beyond the Edge to Edge with Pro-Stitcher-for those people who want to go beyond the basic edge to edge.  Or who still panic if your thread breaks or your pattern moves.  This class can be three hours on a specific topic or two or a full on or two day bootcamp going  through all kinds of topics that are beyond the edge to edge.   Introduction to Pro-Stitcher is also available.
  • All things Handi Quilter–over 13 classes available to you on your Handi Quilter Machine to enhance your experience.  From “Help-I just got my first long arm what do I do now?” to it’s time to move beyond the meander.  Many of these skills are transferable to any long arm quilting machine.
  • Quilt Pro Systemsthis software can help you plan you quilt from start to finish, including auditioning various quilting designs
  • Mystery Quilt classes:  two different versions currently on the slate–contact me for further details but basically I’ll give instructions throughout the day and students will watch the pattern come together.   Contact me for further details, because really, if I told you all about it here and posted pictures where would the mystery part come in for your members and students?  You can ‘kit’ the project for them or provide them with shopping instructions ahead of time.
  • Premier+2 Embroidery Classes–you can start here with some basic embroidery designs and end up stitching them out on your long arm.  (you must own both the Premier 2 Software AND Art & Stitch).  Also basic machine embroidery classes
  • Private Classes–any of the above classes are available privately.  Contact me for details.  Retailers you can also set up private appointments for your customers while I am at your place of business.

 Retreats are also available! Feel free to contact me to learn more!

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