Guild Sew days…or UFO days

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I love my guild sew days–some guilds call them UFO days. I get to take an unfinished project, my sewing machine and some basic sewing supplies and sit with some of the most amazing women I have ever met and sew all day.
Sometimes those days are super productive–sewing wise. I can make a jellyroll quilt top in the day and have time left over. IF I am prepared and take some fabric that I have pre-cut and kitted for myself I can make a quilt top or most of a quilt top if the pattern is basic and it’s smaller than a king.
However, somedays it’s much more about the camaraderie and fellowship. It’s about visiting and laughing and bonding. It’s about spending time with friends and making new friends.
the conversation varies–from quilting to the new recycling rules the city has just put in place, sometimes we share recipes–especially the time savings ones and sometimes we just listen to someone who needs to unburden.
and I LEARN–I learn something each time I attend, a tip or trick about quilting or piecing, a bit of trivia about fabric or the location of a new store or class or find out what’s new and hot in patterns.
I love learning and laughing–so of course I attend my guild UFO stitch out days.

Gail Berry
A quilter who loves to share my passion for quilting with anyone who asks.
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