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A man and his wife’s toys!!

Gail is away and I am enjoying playing on the new Sweet Sixteen.  (I am her husband Don) I think I have a new mistress in the yarn foot.  I like the creative quilts and I can see so many possibilities for thread painting.  I am dreaming of sparkles, three d looks and so many colours.  I know our big machine will do yarn as well but I like to get up close and personal with what I am trying to express.  Gail asked to get this Handiquilter machine and I thought I will never use it.  Now it is all I want to use. I think it should be mine not her’s.  So while Gail is away in Utah I am enjoying myself creating new pieces.  I miss her but this helps ease the pains of being alone.    I can explore make mistakes and give them to my friends who need filling for their dogs.

If you don’t have one of these you are so missing a lot.  

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