Paducah Baby!

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Two place names are uttered with reverence in the quilting world.  When quilters are speaking and these places come into conversation they are said with reverence, with a bit of childlike awe, they are said with either joy since you been there or are going there or they are uttered with a bit of envy and need because you want to go there, you need to go there.

One of those place is Paducah, Kentucky for AQS Spring Quilt Week.  The whole town gets behind this event, the storefronts are decorated-not just quilt stores-but I hear ALL stores get behind this awesome event.  It is more than a quilt show, it is a small town coming together to celebrate spring, to celebrate their town and importantly to me and you to celebrate quilting.

I’m heading to Paducah with one of my besties this week–or as my husband likes to call her a member of my clan-well he uses the word Wicken but you get my drift.  She is like me, she quilts, she loves to quilt and quilting brought us together and through quilting we have come to realize we have lots more in common and yet are really different.

I’m going to take lots of pictures while I’m there and maybe even on my way there–it’s a 12 or maybe it’s a 14  hour dive.  Be sure to follow in Facebook and/or Instagram for those up to date pictures and shenanigans.  Not only will the quilts be beautiful but the dogwoods may be in bloom too!  

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