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Why am I talking about shoes on a quilt blog…well, I wear shoes so why not?
I actually went to look for some black (practical) shoes to wear while I teach or am at shows.  As much as I want all my shoes to be pretty they really need to be comfortable and by comfortable I mean they need to allow me be on my feet for up to 12 hours a day.  Add to that I now get to wear orthotics in my shoes–the joys of aging it’s a bit of a challenge to find black shoes that are ‘fun’ and a bit stylish.

These are the shoes I came home with…


No black shoes but the pink ones are pretty and will make me happy while I walk for exercise and well the blue /orange floral print will also make me happy when I wear my jeans (which is pretty much daily when I’m not teaching or at a show).
So no black shoes on this shopping trip, but happy fun shoes are important too.  So for now I will keep wearing my awesome black Birkenstocks and hope for nice weather soon.

wait…I did find one pair of black shoes that made me smile

I did find one pair of black shoes that made me happy.  But unless I can figure out how to tap dance while I quilt at my Handi-Quilter they weren’t exactly on my shopping list.


I found some tap dance classes–targeted for my age group!!!

Yep–I did it–I found some tap dance classes at the local seniors centre and since according to this fine city I live in I am officially a senior I can become a member and take classes.  This is week four of tap class–week three for me I missed last week .  I will never be a star but I am having fun–I don’t see myself becoming the Tap Dancing Quilter but I’m moving and getting exercise and laughing–a lot.  I am having a lot fun–even if I am not very good at it!

So I did find a use for those great black shoes!

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